Our Mission at RTG Electric Corporation is the promise to perform each job with the highest level of skill and efficiency, making sure to support our work with accurate documentation and billing. We are an electrical contracting and communications company, specializing in the installation, maintenance, repair, and alteration of low-voltage wiring, including, but not limited to: conduit, branch wiring, and electrical devices. In the decade since our beginning, RTG has earned a reputation throughout the Chicagoland area for providing exceptional service and professionalism-– known to navigate business operations without imposing disruptions. Our team is composed of unionized electricians, sharing values of quality, efficiency, safety, and customer service, and is augmented as necessary to meet the demands of every project we assume.

Our Founder and president, Mr. Randy Green, was inspired by his grandfather and Godfather, who were both entrepreneurs. Mr. Green carries on this legacy with the vision to develop RTG Electric Corporation as a leader in the electrical contracting industry; driven by his philosophy that Service Excellence is the basis of this success––it’s how we think, it’s how we act, it’s who we are.